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Emergency electronics service

24/7 assistance

We are aware that time is of the essence when any equipment breaks down. A broken device in the company means downtime in the operation of the facility and huge financial losses daily. That’s why we have launched an emergency electronics service that you can call 24/7!

Call us!

How it works.

We will come and repair it


Contact us by phone and describe the problem with your equipment. At this stage you will be already informed whether we are able to help.

Service technician’s arrival

Our service technician will come directly to you, wherever you are, to diagnose the fault.

Quotation and repair

After the diagnosis, the service technician will provide you with a quote and start repairing your electronic device to bring it back to full working order.

Arrival at any location

We deal with emergency cases requiring immediate action. We offer to travel to a desired location in Poland and abroad even that same day.

We prioritize repairs and are available 24 hours a day.

Need a quick and effective repair? Request a repair by phone!

Learn about the case of our latest client

At their facility, a machine malfunctioned on the production line, which prevented further operation, each day of downtime generated thousands of PLN in losses.

Upon receiving the request, our service technicians showed up at the company within 1 hour, and moments later we offered the client a quote and a repair offer.

The machine was repaired and the production line was resumed the same day, reducing the losses associated with the failure to a minimum. In addition, the customer received a warranty from us for the repaired equipment.


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